Fir Plank

Fir Plank

  • 5Prestige
  • 1Density
  • 10Rigidity
  • 2Hardness
  • 15Lightness
  • 10Imputrescibility
  • 10Durabilty
  • 1Immutability
  • 5Mechanical resistance
  • 5Stabilization resistance
  • 5Assembly resistance
NameFir Plank


Request assistance with wood100%5-10 General-100:00:101
Haggle for fir100%100 Commerce201:06:402
Cut a fir log100%2-4 Woodcutting400:01:1511


NameLandformDifficultyRisk LevelQantity
Maliken MarketUrbanUrban20125%
Craneharbor's public marketUrbanUrban4100%

Can be used in

Devise a cutting winch1000:20:0020601Yes
Devise a big hoist3007:57:465001005010010015Yes
Make tenons200:02:3011
Make a crossbow tiller1200:27:4641
Make a short bow1502:18:53111
Make a wooden crossbow lath2001:09:2641
Make a long bow2504:37:46432
Make a wooden bowl1600:30:00101Yes
Make a staff400:10:0021Yes
Make a counter2200:30:002011
Make a wooden heater shield1801:00:001231Yes
Make a club700:30:0021Yes
Make a wooden kite shield2001:27:461641Yes
Assemble pile foundation1401:01:06651Yes
Make a bed2000:30:002011Yes
Assemble a plank wall201:01:06501Yes
Make a mallet1300:23:3631Yes
Make a wooden wheel3200:30:00401Yes
Assemble a wall of logs2001:01:06701Yes
Make a handle600:10:0011
Assemble an insulated wall1001:01:0660101Yes
Make a wooden pavise2201:00:001541Yes
Devise a goods lift3007:57:4630010025100303015Yes
Assemble a framework401:01:06301Yes
Devise a safe1000:20:00202020201
Assemble a foundation601:01:06701Yes
Devise a plants dryer1000:20:001515301
Assemble a fortification2502:02:131501Yes
Make a stake800:10:0011Yes
Make wooden jewelry mounts500:27:4611Yes
Assemble a slate roof1801:30:165051Yes
Assemble a shingle roof801:01:064051Yes
Make a throne2201:00:00201
Assemble a thatched roof1601:01:0640501Yes
Devise a conveyor1500:20:00255101Yes
Assemble a tower3001:01:06901Yes
Make a bludgeon300:10:0011Yes
Make a rondache500:45:00811Yes
Make a table1400:30:00201Yes
Make a wooden targe1000:30:00811Yes
Make a wooden skate3000:30:00401Yes
Make an amphibian lowbeds3000:30:004006410Yes
Carve a wooden artwork2201:00:00151Yes
Make knock-down furniture3005:00:002002010Yes
Carve a wooden statue2801:00:00201Yes
Make wooden trims2500:27:4611Yes
Sculpt wood a bow back2000:27:4611Yes
Devise a stone jaw4502:11:0620020010010020
Make wooden jewelry clasps1000:27:4611Yes
Make a lowbeds3500:30:00400810Yes
Make a sleigh3000:30:00300410Yes
Devise a trap1000:20:001515301
Devise a derrick3007:57:465001002510010015Yes
Devise tanning frames1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise an engineer's desk1000:20:002051051Yes
Devise a jeweler's workbench1000:20:002010101Yes
Devise a cabinetmaker's bench1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise a forge1000:20:001010201Yes
Devise an oven1000:20:001010201Yes
Devise a dummy1800:20:00202020201Yes
Devise a bull-powered mill1600:50:0030010050203
Devise an irrigation system1000:20:002060101
Devise a watermill2400:50:005002001008010
Devise a windmill2000:50:0040015075405
Devise a hand mill1200:50:001202020101
Devise a hoist1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise a plane100:02:30111Yes
Devise a rail system for ore1000:20:0020601Yes
Devise a rail system for stones1000:20:0020601Yes
Devise a sawmill1000:20:001020101Yes
Devise a bellows700:15:00111Yes
Devise a bookcase1000:20:00105551Yes
Devise a scaffolding1000:20:00255101Yes
Devise a crane1000:20:002510101Yes
Devise a magnifying glass300:27:46111Yes
Devise a butcher's table1000:20:00251051Yes
Devise a sewing table1000:20:00251051Yes
Make a cart3000:30:00200210Yes
Make wooden jewelry embellishments1500:27:4611Yes
Design a course1000:20:003015151Yes
Make noble furniture5005:00:005005010010
Make a bow belly2200:27:4611Yes
Design a fence1000:20:005020201Yes
Make clogs1200:30:0021Yes
Barter for a meticulousness ampoule000:01:00252525
Barter for an endurance ampoule000:01:00202020

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