Naval Agreement

Naval Agreement

    NameNaval Agreement
    TypeCommercial agreement


    Establish contacts in Craneharbor10%1 Commerce200:33:20
    Solicit naval agreements100%4-10 Commerce1506:56:40
    Establish contacts in Maliken100%1-3 Commerce1500:33:20
    Establish contacts in Bolgatur50%1-3 Commerce2400:33:20
    Establish contacts in Noroft100%1-4 Commerce3200:33:20


    Name Terrain Difficulty Risk Level Qantity
    Plains of Hawkoria Plains2100%
    Riverwood Forest Forest3120%
    Whitestone fields Plains550%
    Goldenfog plains Plains7100%
    Silver Mountains Mountain850%
    Berrywood Forest Forest12100%
    Howling Swamps Swamp150.225%
    Loudthunder forest Forest150.1150%
    Whispering forest Forest200.150%
    Hills of the Seven Mirrors Hill200.1100%
    Shortblades Mountains Mountain200.125%
    Renaissance Mountains Mountain300.350%
    Lufomir Snow300.1140%

    Can be used in

    Haggle for maestram4401:06:4023
    Draft a commerce agreement-102:18:53 x 51143
    Trade in Noroft3700:33:20242
    Haggle for krystalid glass4001:06:4055
    Trade in Maliken1800:33:20622
    Haggle for salandrin3801:06:40653
    Haggle for lithosnow4201:06:40874
    Negotiate a Galanmandra resin6901:48:2015444
    Haggle for alsafa leaves2401:06:4023
    Haggle for oliater sap2801:06:4022
    Haggle for ayrann leather3601:06:4083
    Haggle for ayrann bones3201:06:4032