Request assistance with fauna100%5 General-100:00:101
    Barter: Blades100%40100%40100%40100%20 General-100:00:108
    Barter: Blades100%40100%40100%40100%20 General-100:00:108
    Barter: Blades100%40100%40100%40100%20 General-100:00:108
    Barter: Blades100%40100%40100%40100%20 General-100:00:108
    Request assistance in fashioning100%5 General-100:00:101
    Request assistance with wood100%8 General-100:00:101
    Barter for copper blades100%1 General000:01:002
    Barter for tin blades100%1 General000:01:0020
    Barter for copper blades100%1 General000:01:00520
    Barter for blades100%1 General000:01:0012
    Forge blades100%10 Forging100:01:1511

    Can be used in

    Cut up a catoblepas5200:25:00115106
    Cut up a white aurochs3500:10:0011Yes
    Craft a targepic6509:15:332510150
    Make cedar shingles1200:25:00101Yes
    Make tenons200:02:3011
    Square a giant acacia5806:28:53115Yes
    Make a crossbow tiller1200:27:4641
    Carve bone clasps1000:27:4611Yes
    Make a short bow1502:18:53111
    Make a wooden crossbow lath2001:09:2641
    Make a long bow2504:37:46432
    Square a giant nuertesilicio5804:10:00110
    Make a wooden bowl1600:30:00101Yes
    Make a staff400:10:0021Yes
    Make a counter2200:30:002011
    Make a wooden heater shield1801:00:001231Yes
    Make a club700:30:0021Yes
    Make a wooden kite shield2001:27:461641Yes
    Cut a gurdismo log5000:06:5611
    Make a bed2000:30:002011Yes
    Make a mallet1300:23:3631Yes
    Make a wooden wheel3200:30:00401Yes
    Make a handle600:10:0011
    Make a wooden pavise2201:00:001541Yes
    Make a stake800:10:0011Yes
    Make wooden jewelry mounts500:27:4611Yes
    Square a giant solone6306:56:40120Yes
    Make a leather spangenhelm900:20:0051Yes
    Make a throne2201:00:00201
    Make a studded leather barbute2100:45:00521Yes
    Make a leather barbute1500:30:0051Yes
    Make a bludgeon300:10:0011Yes
    Make a rondache500:45:00811Yes
    Make a Rune Scepter6006:56:4044130Yes
    Make a table1400:30:00201Yes
    Make a wooden targe1000:30:00811Yes
    Make a wooden skate3000:30:00401Yes
    Make an amphibian lowbeds3000:30:004006410Yes
    Carve a wooden artwork2201:00:00151Yes
    Make knock-down furniture3005:00:002002010Yes
    Cut an acacia log2000:02:3011
    Carve a wooden statue2801:00:00201Yes
    Cut a cedar log600:02:3011
    Cut a chanderian log3000:05:0011
    Cut an oak log2500:02:3011
    Cut a nuertesilicio log2800:03:2811
    Cut a pine log1000:02:3011
    Cut a salandrin log4500:06:5611
    Make wooden trims2500:27:4611Yes
    Cut a fir log400:01:1511Yes
    Cut a solone log4000:06:5611
    Sculpt wood a bow back2000:27:4611Yes
    Cut a maple log1400:02:3011
    Cut an exanese log1600:02:3011
    Cut a yew log3500:06:1511Yes
    Cut an elm log1700:02:3011
    Make wooden jewelry clasps1000:27:4611Yes
    Cut an azulio log5500:09:0111
    Carve a poison flayer4005:47:1311
    Cut a melandrin log2200:02:3011
    Cut up an aurochs1200:10:0011Yes
    Square a giant turgmush7506:56:40120
    Cut up a barkhein2200:16:4011
    Cut up a behiran3000:16:4011Yes
    Cut up a Norstrian goat2600:16:4015Yes
    Cut up a stag900:10:0011Yes
    Cut up an elk1800:12:3011
    Cut up a grizzly2500:16:4015
    Cut up a hare200:02:4611
    Cut up a wolf1700:16:4011Yes
    Cut up an oryctus800:05:0011
    Square a giant oak5505:05:33110Yes
    Cut up a bear2000:16:4011Yes
    Cut up a wild boar1500:13:3611Yes
    Cut up a varanus2200:18:0311Yes
    Cut up a vargr2800:16:4012Yes
    Cut up a doe600:10:0011Yes
    Cut up a chimera5600:25:0012
    Cut salancedar5800:09:4311Yes
    Make a lowbeds3500:30:00400810Yes
    Cut up a necrowyvern7100:33:20120
    Make reinforcement for an armor4700:55:3344
    Make a sleigh3000:30:00300410Yes
    Square a giant salandrin6406:56:40120
    Carve gargkunar scales4000:33:2011Yes
    Carve Rodurar links4200:33:2011
    Cut up a wyvern6600:33:20110
    Carve a bone needle500:01:4011Yes
    Carve bone jewelry mounts500:27:4611Yes
    Cut some elicard7604:37:46150
    Square a giant gurdismo6706:56:40120
    Make leather trims2500:27:4611Yes
    Cut a turgmush log7300:16:4015
    Make a Scale Helm3500:48:36651Yes
    Cut up an ayrann5900:33:2011
    Stuff Crodor's trophy5502:18:531422501
    Cut up a walhein4800:16:4011
    Make a cart3000:30:00200210Yes
    Make wooden jewelry embellishments1500:27:4611Yes
    Carve a poison dart3505:47:1311
    Carve predatoris scales6500:33:20310
    Make noble furniture5005:00:005005010010
    Make a bow belly2200:27:4611Yes
    Make a runic whip5004:37:46211
    Carve a poison slugger3005:47:1311
    Carve predatoris chisels7005:33:20110
    Carve bone embellishments1500:27:4611Yes
    Cut a soletto6000:22:5511Yes
    Make studded leather boots1900:45:00511Yes
    Make short leather boots1400:20:0031Yes
    Make mail boots2800:55:33371Yes
    Make plate boots3600:55:33371Yes
    Make scale boots2400:48:36371Yes
    Make high leather boots1700:30:0061Yes
    Make leather arms1100:15:0031Yes
    Make studded leather arms1800:45:00321Yes
    Make scale arms2500:45:00331Yes
    Make leather gloves300:20:0011Yes
    Make studded leather gloves1200:30:00111Yes
    Make leather legs1300:30:0041Yes
    Make studded leather legs2000:45:00431Yes
    Make scale legs2600:45:00431Yes
    Make leather crakows500:20:0011Yes
    Make clogs1200:30:0021Yes
    Make a leather coif100:04:5121Yes
    Make a leather whip700:30:0021Yes
    Cut up a warthog4500:13:3612Yes
    Make a leather chest1600:30:0061Yes
    Carve bone trims2500:27:4611Yes
    Make a studded leather chest2201:00:00821Yes
    Make scale armor3000:48:361051
    Make a leather jacket1000:20:5031Yes
    Square a giant pine4504:10:00110Yes

    Sold in

    Boc's shop
    Kalrand's Leathers
    To the right of the small woodlot
    Livalai wood